Safety Culture

Safety as a Culture


MCC, Inc. believes strongly in the philosophy that every employee should return home each day in the same condition or better than before.

Our Safety Mission Statement consists of the following:

“Creating a safer working environment for our employees by establishing a culture built upon teamwork, collaboration, and overall safety awareness dedicated to each and every employee at MCC, Inc. going home safely to his or her family each night…”

From the top of the organization down, a positive safety culture is continuously enforced throughout
every ton of material, yard of concrete or mile of asphalt.

Employee Training – Building the Culture


What is the most important part of building a Safety Culture that is second to none?
Giving employees the training and tools that they need to do the job that is expected of them, in the safest manner possible.

At MCC, Inc. we spend time throughout the year to ensure that our employees are informed of the latest company regulatory changes effecting our business.

Here are some examples of safety topics we discuss:

-Job Hazard Analysis
-Health & Wellness
-Accident Prevention
-Environmental Awareness

Recycling the Past – Building the Future

8559309_origMCC, Inc. promotes recycling & reuse of materials as a sustainable business practice.  Below is a list of practices we engage in to promote an environmentally friendly company:

Mackville’s Newest Residents

         – Recycling residential asphalt shingles into hot-mix asphalt
– Converting an asphalt plant to utilize compressed natural gas
– Converting a portion of truck fleet to run on cleaner CNG
– Recycling old concrete and asphalt pavement
– Air & Water quality diligence – protecting our local environment

Real World Learning – Quarry Tours & Fossil Hunting


We understand that the geologic history of Northeast Wisconsin is written on the limestone walls that make up each and every quarry that we own and operate.Our aggregate sites have some of the best fossil expanses from periods of time long ago, when all of Wisconsin was a shallow marine environment; even before dinosaurs! MCC, Inc. sponsors groups that are interested in studying this history first hand; by way of pick and hammer.

If you are part of an organization that could benefit from this, please consider one of our sites for your next trip.

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