MCC, Inc., established in 1926, can provide the industry solution that your construction project needs.
From asphalt to concrete, aggregates to recycling, and site prep to demolition-
MCC, Inc. can be your single point of contact for all of your construction needs.

Please see our list of services below, and if you do not see your specific need listed below, please do not hesitate to call
and we will help you find a solution.


MCC, Inc.’s Aggregate Area, with a fleet of nearly 75 dump trucks, specializes in all types of construction aggregates and recycled materials.  We can fulfill your project quantities from one ton to hundreds of thousands of tons. 
We produce the materials that will create the base of your project needs with the equipment consisting of:
crushers, wash plants, recycling equipment, and much more.

*Please see the contact personnel listed below – call for products and pricing. 
If you need a specialty product or are not sure we can provide the service you need,  please do not hesitate to contact us, we will find your solution!

Ory Green Aggregate Production Manager 920-850-7401
Terry Ross Washed Materials Production Manager 920-378-6928
Ken Murphy Concrete General Manager                                                                         & Aggregate Sales 920-749-3360 x3002
Larry Bretl Properties & Inventory Control Manager 920-378-1521
Chris Dillenberg Transportation Manager & Aggregate Sales 920-277-6395
Kathy Conradt Aggregate Dispatch 920-749-3360 x3073


MCC, Inc’s Asphalt Area has multiple prep and paving crews that can assist in all pavement needs.
We specialize in building subdivisions, state highways and municipal streets, commercial parking lots and even finalizing your expansion projects.  The asphalt crews are versatile and experienced for any project.

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*Please see the contact personnel listed below – call for products and pricing. 
If you need a specialty product or are not sure we can provide the service you need,
please do not hesitate to contact us – we will find your solution!

John Murphy Senior Vice President of Operations 920-749-3360 x3019
Joyce Murphy-Stearns Vice President 920-749-3360 x3013
John Carpenter Division Manager 920-749-3360 x3012
Alicia Marx Project Coordinator 920-749-3360 x3037
Jennifer Tomazevic Administrative Assistant 920-749-3360 X3135
Erin Ferg Quality Control Lab Coordinator 920-750-9583
Neal Rabideau Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3128
Jay Garvey Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3026
Ridge Liebzeit Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3038
Leo Billings Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3125
Doug Van Handel Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3086
Berl Bolle Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3131
Ian Murphy Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3025

Commercial Reconstruction & Paving

WisDOT Highway Paving

Asphalt Placement in Subdivision

Ready Mix Concrete

MCC, Inc.’s Concrete Area consists of over 100 front-discharge ready mix trucks, that are ready to deliver the highest quality product to your construction site. With knowledgeable and customer-focused operators, we can supply its customers with any mix needed to build a successful foundation to a project. 

MCC, Inc. has had much success when being directly involved projects such as: large industrial jobs, light commercial buildings, quality management controlled department of transportation, municipal pavement and repair, condominium complexes, residential footings and walls.

An elevated level of service and quality has set MCC, Inc. apart from other producers, with over 30 years of combined industry experience.  
The concrete dispatch staff is knowledgeable and responsive, and the quality control department boasts a very well equipped state certified testing laboratory. Much of the Concrete division staff carries ACI Certification, and the quality control staff maintains both state and national industry levels certifications. We are proud to employ a well seasoned and safety conscious crew of plant operators and truck drivers to round out the operation.
Without a doubt, MCC, Inc. is the best concrete producer in the area staffed and equipped to best service your concrete needs.

Todd Brockman Vice President of Operations 920-749-3360 x3022
Ken Murphy Concrete General Manager                                                                                          & Aggregate Sales 920-749-3360 x3002
Dave Kleuskens Concrete Operations Manager 920-749-3360 x3003
Tom Goehler Concrete Sales Manager & Aggregate Sales 920-716-7289
Paul Mathe Quality Control Lab Coordinator 920-460-8255
Jeff Golla Concrete Sales -Crivitz 715-854-2002
Scott Schuh Concrete Sales – Brillion 920-850-4040
Randy Schmoll Concrete Sales – Green Bay & Bonduel 920-378-4644
J.R. Schwartz Concrete Sales – Fond du Lac & Oshkosh 920-378-4638
Mike Pompa Concrete Sales – Berlin & New London 920-404-1589

WisDOT Highway & Bridge Projects

Commercial & Residential Concrete Delivery

Agricultural Concrete Delivery

Commercial Concrete Conveyor

MCC Inc. offers products, quality material and solutions for the following Markets/Industries:

  • Commercial & Industrial
    • Ready mix concrete, High Strength Concrete, Lightweight Concrete, Self Compacting Flowable Fill,
      3D Micro & Macro Fiber-Reinforced Concrete, Custom Parking Lot Concrete Designs,  Material Conveying Services
  • Agricultural
    • NRCS/ASCS Concrete designs, 3D Macro Fiber Concrete, Self Compacting Flowable Fill & Slurry, Material Conveying Service, Bedding sand, Trucking Services
  • Energy/ Utilities
    • Custom & Standard Self Compacting Flow-able Fills, Ready Mix Concrete, High Performance Concrete, Recycled Sand & Stone, Aggregates,
    • Lease/Rental Of Property For Staging Equipment- Various Locations
  • Residential
    • Ready Mix Concrete, 3D Fiber Reinforced Concrete, ICF Concrete Mix Designs, Colored Concrete, Signature Exterior Mix Designs, Material Conveying Service
  • Municipal/ DOT 
    • Self Compacting Flowable Fill , Ready Mix Concrete, 3D Macro Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Recycled Sand & Stone, Trucking Services, Material Conveying

Earthwork & Grading

MCC, Inc. has the equipment and personnel to perform nearly any type of heavy construction such as: reconstructing a Federal or State Highway, prepping a commercial location for expansion or construction and so much more. Equipped with excavators, dozers, compaction equipment, haul trucks and more; the company can build your project form the ground up. 
MCC, Inc. will maintain its original role with the Aggregate Division while working with the Trucking, Concrete, and Asphalt Divisions. 

Berl Bolle Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3131
Doug Van Handel Project Manager 920-749-3360 x3086

Sam Woelfel Project Estimator 920-749-3360 x3046


Custom Home Construction


WisDOT Highway Reconstruction


Municipal Street Reconstruction

Trucking & Logistics






MCC, Inc. can service nearly any need that you have for materials or equipment in Northeast Wisconsin.
We are equipped with an operational fleet of around 75 dump trucks, dump trailers, tractors, transport trailers and a dedicated group of top notch drivers; this allows us to support any trucking endeavor that is needed by our customers. 

Ken Murphy Concrete General Manager & Aggregate Sales 920-749-3360 x3040
Chris Dillenberg Transportation Manager & Aggregate Sales 920-749-3360 x3069
Kathy Conradt Trucking Dispatch 920-749-3360 x3073
Shawn Retzlaff Trucking Dispatch 920-749-3360 x3081
Michelle Murphy Trucking Dispatch 920-749-3360 x3083

Trucking for the last 90 years.


We can tackle trucking jobs big & small


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